WakedockX's and OsTrinityGraffiti Lane For this Re:Create blog I’ll be focusing on panorama photography. This function is available on both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Camera, these four images were taken with the S4. Panorama images are great for fitting in more of a landscape into one image. There are times when there isn’t enough room to move back and fit in everything you want to in one shot, so the panorama function is a great solution.

The panorama function on the S4 could not be simpler. Hit the shutter button and slowly move the phone around the scene you want to capture with a free hand while monitoring the image being stitched together on screen. I love the results from this function, it gives a really cool wide angle lens effect. With the shot of the X’s and O’s, I wall I was really close to the wall which gives that even more extreme distortion effect.

I’d never been very in to panorama images but I have to say I’ve come to really enjoy taking them with the S4. The only thing you have to watch for is people moving around in the shot, this can create a sliced up glitch effect. Although I’ve pushed that side of the function too and gotten some really interesting results, either way your going to get a cool shot!

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Glitterface_NX300_3 SAM_0133web

For Re:Create this week I’ll be talking about how to do light streams, also known as light painting in a photograph. These are really easy and there’s a lot of different ways you can take it. If you want to practise them use a hand torch or bike light, even the screen on your phone will work! Anything that emits light will do the trick.

Set up your camera on a tripod or stable surface like a table or chair and set the shutter speed to about 1/2-5 seconds. You can of course set it for longer or shorter depending on what you’re going for, but 1/2-5 seconds is a good length of time to practise with. Make sure you’re doing this in a dark room or location or else too much light will be let in and your image will become over exposed. Once you press the shutter take your light source and draw lines, words, what ever you like. The results are really fun and it’s a good way of learning about the dynamics of slow shutter speed photography.

The other way you can do this is by having a static light source and moving the camera to capture the light streams. This is what I did in the first image of Laura, AKA Glitterface of Nanu Nanu. This was a combination of using the NX300 mounted flash and setting my shutter speed to 1 second. I had Laura hold a frame with small christmas lights attached to it around her face, once the flash went off I moved the camera around in a circular motion to capture the streams of light.

The second shot of Laura in the recording studio was a similar technique. The shutter speed was set to about the same as before and I used the flash once again. Once it went off Laura, who had small LED’s stuck to her fingers, moved her hands around to draw the light stream across the frame. Laura is not only a talented musician but a great stylist and makeup artist, check out more from her on her youtube channel here!

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